Paulina is a best-selling author, international speaker, certified life and business coach, business strategist and consultant - and entrepreneurship development.  She is co-founder of The Business of WE (Women Entrepreneurs) and the #WEThrive community. She’s a contributing author in “Today’s Inspired Latina” a national movement of Latina Leaders.   A collaborating author in the best-selling book “Journey to the Stage” for Women’s Prosperity Network.

Her professional background is in Finance and Human Resources.  Both gave her valuable experience… In finance, she excelled in creating systems and structures to simplify and streamline operations.  In Human Resources, she thrived in identifying and developing leaders, witnessing first-hand true potential being denied opportunity.  Growing other businesses motivated and inspired her to pursue her entrepreneurial path, supporting small-businesses and empowering those ready to make that side hustle into a thriving business.  

Her passion is to create and cultivate a culture of excellence for women to thrive... to live  powerfully in a way that exuberates confidence, grace, authenticity and integrity.  Creating a sacred space and connection for those women that are ready to up-level their passion and that are clear on accelerating their vision.  She takes an elevated approach of high standards, accountability and intention; yet with love and compassion, for a high-vibe, high-performing environment of Lady Bosses.

Celebrating women, inspiring personal and professional success!  Whether these women are emerging entrepreneurs looking for clarity and direction to establish their business or seasoned entrepreneurs looking for renewed energy and focus to revamp their business, Paulina strategically guides them on their entrepreneurial journey to expand their connections, make the money they deserve, enjoy their work and serve with purpose! 

There’s magic in collective energy and mutual encouragement!  She is considered among her peers as a Master Connector and understands the importance of strengthening your self-confidence to make that powerful first impression and connection.  Her resilience started at an early age through her passion for dance and has led to recognizing the power of projecting from that uniqueness and creativity - and a need for deep, supportive connections, through contribution and fun.

She has been featured on INC Magazine, El Correo, Queens Courier, Empowering Women TV & Radio, AquiTV, iStandTV, Hispano Entrepreneur Podcast, the Luz & Dolly Show of Chicago, D’Parranda international radio, Sharon Speaks Power with Gyroscope Media, Balance Boldly Podcast and WBTVN Expert Spotlight Show.  She was awarded the 2015 NYC Latino Star Award. She’s a contributing writer for Your Tango, a member of the Women Speaker Association and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.



Let's Begin by EMPOWERING YOU - The Ambitious, Passionate Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Executive or Career Professional with CONFIDENCE & CLARITY! This Will Lead to Conviction and Certainty!

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